Staying Sane in the Change

This year feels like one big whirlwind so far. In my last post, I mentioned how being discontent with my job was affecting my happiness. While there were many parts of my job that I enjoyed, I yearned for change. I was craving a different environment, different challenges, and different information to learn.

These feelings started last year, right before Christmas. For a long time, I felt lost, trapped, and confused. Change has NEVER been easy for me. And for whatever reason, changing jobs at 30 felt a little more daunting than when I was 25. While I could go on for a whole post of how this happened/the process, I will say that the one thing I did that started the ball rolling was just casually searching job postings. Even if there was nothing available or anything that caught my eye, I was persistent. Eventually, after 5 months, I found a position within my same organization that caught my eye.

This position was in the same field and specialization I was currently in, yet different enough to have me interested. Long story short- I applied, interviewed, accepted the job.

And now, here I am. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about this much-awaited change. But, change for me is always bittersweet. Leaving familiarity, for me, can be stressful.

Whenever a change like this and the accompanying stress enters my life, I tend to self-destruct in a way. My eating, working out, self-care, and healthy habits, in general, take a turn for the worse.

The reason for this post is to document the fact that I stayed very self-aware this go-around and worked hard to not take my usual route of self-destruction.

Instead of opting for unhealthy take-out, I’ve been pretty consistent with meal prep and saving eating-out for a “treat” during the week.

Instead of stress eating junk food, I sweated my stress out at the gym.

Instead of sweeping my anxieties under the rug, I journaled. I don’t think I’d be human if I didn’t question myself at least once during all the change. But, I forced myself to think of the worst possible things that could happen. If I didn’t like the new job? I eventually could transfer back to where I came from. And….the thought of “it’s better to do something than nothing” kept coming into my mind.

Instead of worrying about things I couldn’t control, I put extra time into face masks, nail polishes, and researching hair care routines.

Instead of using Netflix binges as a way to de-stress, I took myself to the gym.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling social media in bed 30 minutes before falling asleep, I put on a face mask and pulled out a book for a better way of preparing to sleep.

And let me just say……there is NOTHING WRONG with a Netflix binge, fast food dinner, or relaxing by surfing Pinterest here and there. But, I know what habits keep me on track for the goals and the life I want to achieve and…….in this current season of my life, I know the certain habits and behaviors that will detract me from achieving my goals.

And don’t get me wrong….this has been SUPER hard…….and I know that eventually, I will have moments of downfall. We all do. But, I just wanted to put out there for people like me… can be done. Change is inevitable, but you can persist. You can grow. Don’t forget to focus on yourself.

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